Skysaber 720w MK2 PRO 2.9 LED grow light

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Skysaber 720w LED grow lights Dimmable

Introducing the cutting edge of LED grow lighting,

Featuring 720W of both CREE and SAMSUNG chips, these LED’s work in total

and utter harmony when coupled with the U.L Meanwell drivers on board.

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Skysaber pro 720w LED grow lights

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Skysaber 720w PRO MK2 LED grow lights

It’s the stuff plants dream of…

Introducing the cutting edge of LED grows lighting –  the Skysaber.

Full-spectrum LED grow lights from seed to harvest with passive cooling making them 100% silent

Featuring 720W of both CREE and SAMSUNG chips (LM281BA +CRI90), these LED’s work in total and utter harmony when coupled with the U.L Meanwell drivers on board. The design of the Skysaber is optimized for grow spaces ranging from 1.2m x 1.2m up to 1.5m x 1.5m.

PPFD Efficiency  2.9μmol/J PPF: 2124 µmol/s


box size 106*56*17cm, Gross weight. 20k
Net weight. 17.2kg
Size 998 x 928  Actual Power 720W± 5%

Input Voltage AC110V and 220V
Lifespan 50000h Output current 2.4A
Working Environment 45%~90%RH -20~40℃ Working Frequency 50~60Hz
Color 380nm-730nm Skysaber LED grow lights

Best hanging heights for skysaber

Vegetative stage: 24 to 30 inches (60 to 76cm)
Flowering stage: 14 to 20 inches (35.5 to 50.8cm)

  • Free NEXT DAY UK Delivery
  • Hanging kit & Power Lead 
  • 5 Years Total Peace of mind Warranty
  • 5  years Technical / after-sales support
  • From a UK based Company – no long waits for units/parts or repairs
  • Instant Communication at all times.
  • Dimmable

Skysaber 720w LED grow lights Equivalent to or better than 1400w HPS.

Dimmable led grow lights

The Skysaber are put under extensive testing. They are tested for weeks on end, up to 24 hours a day, to ensure consistent and reliable performance during your grow.

We focussed on our customer feedback and admiration of the build quality in the Skyline, so with Skysaber led grow lights, we’ve made sure the assembly is both innovative and extremely high quality throughout.

The robust ventilated centre column acts as the backbone, housing multiple Meanwell Drivers with connectors close to each LED bar. It also features nuts and bolts to connect the LED bars.

This means you can assemble in place – put the centre unit in its perfect spot using the hanging kit, then quickly attach and connect the individual LED bar elements which of course feature quality Samsung and Cree LEDs.

The result is quite awesome to behold.

From a relatively small package unfolds a beast of an LED grow light, able to cover a large area with a highly intense light that is spread evenly over that area.


Skysaber 720w LED grow lights Dimmable
Skysaber 720w LED grow lights Dimmable

Skysaber 840w led grow lights 60 days super lemon haze from ethos genetics & banana candy krush

[videopress AuUSXzZ0]

4.2kg dry Stardawg AKA Stardog & Skysaber 720w x 4 led grow lights


       It’s the stuff plants dream of!

We’ve advanced the modular concept massively on this one, you’ll find this is very easy to transport, handle, get attached on a hanging kit and assemble in place.

Being modular of course results in greatly improved user serviceability and also ensures that even if an LED bar were to fail, you won’t lose the entire output from the other bars.

  • Dimmable


  • Power unit
  • X7 full-spectrum Sabres
  • Power cable
  • Brand LED Hydroponic LTD


720w PPFD Footprint
720w PPFD Footprint

Spectrum Chart




By section 6 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, it is an offence to cultivate any plant of the genus Cannabis in the United Kingdom without a license from the Secretary of State. Anyone committing an offence contrary to this section may be imprisoned or fined, or both. Visitors to this website are advised against breaking the law.

10 reviews for Skysaber 720w MK2 PRO 2.9 LED grow light

  1. Jane

    Packaged well, fast delivery. Light is fantastic. Good seller, great product.
    very solid and well made and although bit pricey but got 10% discount when i bought my 2nd unit.

  2. Aman

    This light is absolutely fantastic. Stunning, sleek build love that they are silent.
    Came with strong carabiners and fixtures kit which sufficed in hanging the unit at any height, Got good yield plants are fat and look frostier
    Highly recommended

  3. Happy bunny

    Excellent product. i bought a few cheaper light and the end result was rubbish.
    Awesome light so bright love the dimmer switch. got a very good harvest.
    happy bunny. 100% recommend this led.

  4. Eddy J

    Good item, good price and fast delivery. I can’t fault it
    No fuss, easy set up, superbly bright, my plants immediately bucked up and are growing profusely . It’s good to know that there’s a decent 5 years warranty from a UK company.

  5. Simon James

    This light is basically there to replicate sunlight, which is the ultimate grow light. Sadly we don’t get enough of that indoors so this is a great way to replicate this and provide light to plants. But wow, this is a beast. It is so bright, it’s got a decent dimmer on it.
    no fans so they are silent and love the 5m lead and UK 3 pin plug.
    Muddy was full off knowledge and a great help, answered all my question’s.
    As promised i am reviewing after my first grow. 950g dry cant complain.

  6. Steven

    Good lights man, you cant go wrong with this and got free led glasses with my order.

  7. s whitton

    I have been using LED Hydroponics for many years and Muddy is the best. The LED Lights muddy has developed over the years are far superior to anything on the market today. A review is one thing but the proof is in the pudding and the end result are just Amazing. My Girls love Muddy’s LEDs. I’m getting 25oz from one plant with his technology and there Resin Dripping High THC content is a sight to behold. Muddy also happy to pass on the knowledge and will go above and beyond to help if needed. I love the Guy a true Gent. I use a Hydro System, 3 of Muddy’s LED Lights and a Tents with Extraction & Carbon Filter from Muddy’s Shop. Highly recommend the 2.4 Meter Tents, extremely good quality.

  8. clinton

    LED Hydroponic LTD have the best lights in the business, always working and refining the latest advances in technology. Couple that with outstanding customer service and this is your one stop shop for all of your luminary needs. You won’t be disappointed.

  9. john

    I have bought lights from Muddy for many years first super hellos, then skyline400 and 600 mk2, used solar flare panels to brighten up corners and side lighting. Alway superb, service , quality, light and most important, yield. Forget stone age HPS or crap from ebay. Led hydroponics are the real deal. Just upgraded to a 720 skysaber, wow! he’s done it again if you want a super crop
    ‘Better call muddy’ don’t shop anywhere else cheers Muddy

  10. Jamie

    I’ve bought a few lights of muddy in the past few years and all of them were amazing . His customer service is second to none , muddy is awsome he will help you with any issues you have. I highly recommend his company big time

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