Dr Organics living soil 45L


Dr organics living soil is 100% organic peat free & made in the UK. Our living soil has been created to ensure your plant will grow at an accelerated rate throughout the veg and bloom stage without the need for any liquid feeds. The rate of growth and final harvests are unparalleled, leaving you with a final product that is 100% organic so you are able to enjoy rich flavours and incredible aromas. Each batch is handcrafted and hand bagged we do not use any industrial machinery and our compost is made from organic forest material and vegetation. We provide a full 45 litres of soil.

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  •  100 % Reusable 
  •  Hand Crafted In The UK
  •  Complete Plant Nutrition From Start To Finish
  •  Peat Free
  • Just Add Water
  • No Need To PH Or Dechlorinate 
  • Eco Friendly Living Soil .



Dr organics living soil is 100% organic peat free & made in the UK. Our living soil has been created to ensure your plant will grow at an accelerated rate throughout the veg and bloom stage without the need for any liquid feeds. The rate of growth and final harvests are unparalleled, leaving you with a final product that is 100 percent organic so you are able to enjoy rich flavours and incredible aromas. Each batch is hand crafted and hand bagged we do not use any industrial machinery and our compost is made from organic forest material and vegetation. We provide a full 55 litres of soil.


Dr organics living soil is pre charged with all the below ingredients. you do not need to add any other products to Dr organics living soil it is ready to use straight away. already rooted and established plants or germinated seedlings can be planted directly into the soil.

Dr organics living soil contains mycorrhiza fungi mycelium networks already established in the soil medium to promote root growth and nutrient uptake.

When using Dr organics living soil we recommend using a minimum of 135 litres per 1.2msq growing space to ensure adequate nutrition.  A 15 litre pot will provide a plant with full nutrition for 4 to 5 weeks veg from seed or 2 to 3 weeks veg from rooted clones plus 8 to 10 weeks of flower providing the 2 8 10 bloom is also used in weeks 3 and 5 of flower as directed.

Example: use 9 x 15-litre pots per 1.2msq


For growers who prefer a smaller number of plants in larger pots with longer veg times & may choose to use a scrog net.

Example 4 x 50-litre pots per 1.2msq

Or growers who choose to use a single large pot or planting container with a number or plants spaced out.

Example 1 x 200 to 300-litre pot per 1.2msq

Regardless of the method you choose to use smaller or larger pots, short veg or long veg. All systems can be used as demonstrated above when using Dr Organics Living soil.

Using larger pots requires less work. You can add multiple plants in one large pot and you will be able to cover your canopy quickly. Simply water and watch your plants grow like you have never seen before.


When growing autos the seed should be germinated and then planted directly into the final pot so there is no transplanting or shock to the plant. We recommend 25 to 50 litre pots for the very best results. this results in a long tap root and a large root system resulting in a highly productive plant. Autos can be grown in Dr Organics living soil the same as a photoperiod plant. Both require the exact same type of nutrients.


Your yields will be the same or better than bottled nutrients. The hydroponics industry has spouted the myth that organic living soil yields will be inferior compared to bottled nutrients. This is not true. They have perpetuated this lie as they make money from selling nutrients over and over again.

They make no money from selling soil that you only buy once and then simply need to reamend to grow again. Not only will your yields be comparable or larger, the final product will be far superior in flavour and aroma that we can guarantee.


You will be saving a huge amount of money when using Dr organics Living Soil not only will you no longer need to buy an expensive range of nutrients each time you grow. You will also only buy soil once as you will continue to re use it over and over again.


You do not need to dechlorinate your water the levels of chlorine present in tap water are so small that they have no affect on microbial life. In fact the low levels are actually of some benefit to the plant. In particular, chlorine is important for plant photosynthesis as it is involved in the opening and closing of stomata ( pores in leaves that enable plants to take in and release carbon dioxide, oxygen and other gases as required. it also helps ensure the leaves are firm )


You do not need to PH your tap water or rainwater. Dr organics living soil is made in such a way that it will buffer and stabilize the PH between 6.0 and 7.0 regardless of the PH of the water you are using.


Calcium and magnesium along with all other trace elements vitamins nutrients and minerals are all available in a slow release form contained in the soil. Your plant will never be deficient.


Once you have harvested your plant simply remove the main root ball in the centre of the pot leaving the remaining roots in the soil. Then simply reamend your soil with our 4 3 4 dry amendments at 12 grams per litre. One litre volume equals 600 grams this recharges and reamends 50 litres of soil. Please visit our 4 3 4 dry amendments for more details.  After mixing well empty the mixed soil back into your grow pot and you are ready to grow again.

If you are reamending more than 50 litres of soil at a time it can become hot and needs to be left for around 7 days and turned to disperse the heat before planting up.

This process can be carried out over and over again so there is no need to throw away your soil. Ideally you would have two lots of soil and a compost bin and you can easily swap between soils simply re-amending each time so it is ready to use straightway.


Leaving some of the past roots from previous harvests in the soil really helps microbial life, the microbes feed of the dying and decaying root fibres allowing an abundance of beneficial bacteria and microbial life to thrive. The roots will quickly break down and become part of your soil.



Rock Dust benefits include high yields, tastier fruit and vegetables and increased resistance to pests and drought

Frass has been shown to have almost completely deterred pest damage of crop plants. Frass acts as a deterrent for plant-eating insects while still supporting key pollinators, like bees and butterflies. As chitin is also commonly found in insects, plants mistake frass chitin for a warning of imminent insect attack.
Krill meal is a true superfood for your soil. Not only will it increase the overall fertility of your garden beds, you can also use it to protect your plants against pests and disease. The slow-release properties make it ideal for fending off ringworm. Even more so, the high mineral content allows your plants to grow robustly. It also contains a polysaccharide called chitin. When it’s tilled in, chitin helps plants to fight off root rot, blight, and powdery mildew. Also, it provides the perfect habitat space for the soil microorganisms that produce enzymes to destroy root-damaging nematodes.
Coco coir is a proven natural alternative to mined peat moss, therefore, using it helps slow down peat extraction from environmentally sensitive swamps worldwide. Benefits of coco coir uses of cocopeat, Coco coir, Coconut coir, Coco peat, Growing media, Organic growing mediums, Coconut growing mediums
The benefits of composting for our soil are numerous and cyclical. The production of humus
increases the nutrient content of soil, which leads to improved plant health and growth; these
plants grow stronger and more diverse root systems, which lead to improved soil and water
retention and less eroded sediment and water run-off. The nutrients are then not leached or
washed away and are able to further improve plant health and root development.
Organic Fish Meal is an excellent source of nitrogen and phosphorus and is recommended for all vegetable gardens, flower beds and all types of outdoor plants, trees and shrubs. Fish Meal stimulates soil microbial life, promotes vigorous root development and provides an early season boost for all your plants.
It is a beneficial fungus that is specific to and the very best for cannabis. Both hemp and marijuana profit from its use. The fungal hyphae attach themselves to the roots of the cannabis plant. This can effectively triple the root mass of the plant.
Neem Seed Meal is produced during the extraction of oil from the seed of the Indian Neem tree (Azadiracta indica). It is an excellent way to strengthen root systems, improve plant immunity and balance nutrient levels in the soil.
It is chock full of beneficial enzymes such as phosphatase, chitinase, urease, protease and amylase. These enzymes act as catalysts in your soil, helping microbes break matter down into nutrients your plant can use. One of the main benefits of using Barley is that it enables plants to finish faster than those without
Good Source of Minerals: Along with high nitrogen content, alfalfa is filled with plenty of other beneficial garden minerals, including iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and others.
Growth Hormone: Alfalfa contains triacontanol, a hormone that stimulates the growth of plant roots, enhances photosynthesis, and increases beneficial microbes which help to suppress many soil-borne diseases.
Builds Up the Soil: The high nitrogen content in alfalfa makes it easy for surrounding organic material to decompose. This helps prevent compaction in the garden by improving soil structure and acting like a sponge to absorb excess moisture and help prevent erosion.
Helps Resist Drought: Adding alfalfa to the soil increases its sponge-like tendencies. Therefore, making it easier for water to be absorbed and held in the soil, even during times of drought.
Encourages Growth: Within alfalfa is a substance called triacontanol is a hormone that stimulates plants to grow better roots and increase photosynthesis, which leads to stronger, larger garden plants.
Controls Harmful Nematodes:  studies have shown that the use of alfalfa meal in gardens can reduce the infestation of root-knot nematodes that attack tomato plants, thereby helping you get a bigger harvest.
Provides Food For Microorganisms: Everything living in your soil loves alfalfa. This is because of its tasty nutrients, meaning an infusion of alfalfa will help beneficial microbes and worms to thrive.
The Role Of Humic Acid In Plant Growth
For crops, humic and fulvic acids are chelators. They combine minerals to make them into organic compounds that can be ingested by plants more easily. They also enable the soil to hold more water and can increase the water infiltration of the soil.
Seaweed or kelp meal fertilizer makes a great organic amendment to garden soil. It’s an excellent bioactivator, waking up all the microbes in the soil to help break down organic matter and make it available to plants. It also contains macro and micro nutrients, trace elements, and vital resources.
Bone meal acts as a great fertiliser for a few key reasons. The first is that it’s a great source of phosphorus, which is an essential nutrient for plants to help them flower and new plants to produce strong roots, so is good for root vegetables such as onions, garlic, carrot and parsnip.
Lime has two effects on soil. First, it neutralises acidity. Second, it may be a slow-acting alternative or a complement to gypsum in the treatment of sodic,

Worm castings are a gentle, effective, natural fertilizer that provide essential nutrients to plants. Scientific studies show that using worm castings in the garden can help plants grow significantly larger, stronger, and produce more abundant and better-quality flowers, fruit, and vegetables.

13 reviews for Dr Organics living soil 55L

  1. Mr pheno 🌱  

    I have never used living soil before I have always been a coco grower so was very sceptical about changing. But I can honestly say I am blown away these were by far the best plants I have every grown smell flavour growth I never leave reviews but you guys really deserve one thanks.

  2. (verified owner)  

    Fantastic products and customer service is second to none. Can’t wait to make my way through your entire range. One happy customer right here!

  3. Covdank (verified owner)  

    I cannot recommend Dr oraganics living soil enough. Not only are my plants a beautiful green but the terps are truly astonishing. This product has gave my plants more vigourous growth than any liquid nutrients on the market but has also gave me more time away from my grow. No phing, no mixing nutes, no deficiencies. What more could you ask for? On top of that the customer service is too draw. Had a slight issue with my first delivery that was sorted straight away without hassle. I will not use anything else going forward.

    • Dr Organics  

      Thank you for using Dr Organics Living Soil we are so pleased that you have had such great results

  4. Steptelos  

    As a previous liquid nutrient grower I was absolutely sick of mixing up multiple bottles in a specific order than having to correct PH and monitor EC, so time-consuming and fraught with indecision on how many times a week to feed, too much too little blah blah. Id been watching Mr Canucks for quite some time and had been searching for dry amendments as I felt this was the way for me, growing organically is especially important.

    Somehow I stumbled across Dr Organics and have never looked back since. I did a grow off comparing Dr O to another popular amendment company and Dr O was the clear winner and it was actually much simpler and cheaper. I’ve witnessed experienced growers using bottles still having issues with their grow to date, whereas the dry amendments have simply removed all of my issues lol. The Dr O setup actually has me looking like I’m a skilled grower now.

    I save a tonne of time now and that is extremely valuable to me. I started using only RO water but have now switched to tap water that I bubble for a couple of hours prior to use to help dechlorinate, the results are 100. As of right now I’m literally having my best grow to date, Dr O’s line up is a great product at a great price, wrapped up in amazing service to boot. I don’t need to look elsewhere anymore, I’m set for the foreseeable. Find me on IG if you wish to see for yourself. God bless.

    • Dr Organics  

      Thanks for your review on Dr organics living soil this will really give others an insight into our product and let them know that we are the best living soil on the market.


  5. Ezra  

    This is straight up the cleanest no F-!king about organic method going. Heavy terp profiles, deep green hues on shiny leaves. Just control the environment and leave the nutrition to the good Dr.Organics. Really you can’t ask for more. Genuine people, incredible product, second to none customer service. No-thing to worry about.
    Not One Thing. Ten Stars.

    • Dr Organics  

      really thankful for your review

  6. theconstantgardeneruk (verified owner)  

    It only took me one season of growing flowers to realise that bottled nutes were not for me. Who needs the expense, the guesswork, the uncertainty about how to interpret signs of stress/imbalance in the plant? ?

    I found Dr Organics early on in my search for living soil options, and I’ve never looked back. The soil is tailored for our favourite flowers and delivers exactly as promised: A ‘just-add-water’ growing experience that nets me a 100% clean, organic and flavoursome product.

    Plus: Who doesn’t love saving money, time and landfill space?? Once you’ve got your soil, the only thing left to buy is some dry amendments — one batch to recharge your soil and the other to give your flowers a targeted boost about four weeks into flower. Simple.

    On top of these benefits, the Dr Organics team has huge expertise on growing flowers and is generous in the provision of advice and guidance for those of us just getting started.

    I have recommended the Dr Organics range to friends and strangers alike, and continue to give them my hearty, unreserved endorsement.

    Bravo, Dr Organics!

  7. Mr Dread  

    Well what can I say that others haven’t already said… quality products, quality customer service and swift delivery. Not sure need to say more, if your thinking of trying living soil give them a call friendly helpful customer service. Thanks again guys 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. Deezbudz (verified owner)  

    Absolutely amazing. I could list every superlative and it still wouldn’t be enough. They are so strong, Green, thick and beautiful in veg I can’t wait to see the outcome. You can too if you check @de3zbudz on insta.

    • Dr Organics (verified owner)  

      thanks for your review

  9. James (verified owner)  

    Simply the best 10/10 stars. You will not go back to anything else

  10. Billy&Bear  

    Billy&Bear Here….
    Well i have been using this Soil since it was made and sold …i have never gone back to feeds nor have i had any issues with. Nuit problems since … not only does this product for fill every need the plant requires but has a lifespan that could last years not only making this highly cost-effective but also a great way to know exactly what you’re getting in your plant
    it is absolutely the best organic living matter Soil I have got my hands on in the time i have been making flowers…. Not only can you be assured of incredible range of dense thick flower but smells and flavours …. The soil in affect create a massive sensory overload through the plant not only by its texture its smell and taste put also buy it’s gorgeous colours through its growth and by the colours of it end of life.

    Do not be mistaken or misled by other Soil is out there you have found the right one now get to the till and buy some you will never regret this..Do not be mistaken or misled by other Soil is out there you have found the right one now get to the till and buy some you will never regret this

  11. A Yorkshire guerilla (verified owner)  

    Got myself some Dr Organics living soil, it has not dissapointed, plants are only young but they looking very healthy and are growing well, nice green healthy leaves no deficiencies. Its great how easy it is to grow with this soil, no PHing no mixing nutes, no faffing about, just plant in it and water it and watch it grow.. all natural how it should be. Thanks Dr

  12. Sushihashplant  

    Harvested my plants 3 weeks ago thought I would leave a review I can’t believe the quality it’s the best I have produced so far and just tap water. I am so blessed. Also had great customer service emial a few times asking for help and advice. Dr Organics relayed to me within a few hours on all occasions

  13. Autosmoke (verified owner)  

    What can I say the very best results I have ever had and all I used was water from my tap. I am growing autos again using the same soil just remanded with your 4 3 4 and used a bit more of your Dr Organics living soil to replace what I removed when taking out the main root.

    My plants are 4 weeks from seed now looking great really thank you for this product it’s really made my life easy



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