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Skyline 1000 LED grow lights


Skyline 1000 LED grow lights

Skyline 1000 LED grow lights

£1,350.00 £799.95

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£1,350.00 £799.95

The series is based around a single 100W modular LED unit which is fitted with powerful Cree® Cand SAMSUNG chips 3030 LEDs series   This unit is fan-less, and IP65 rated.  Each module has a blend of LED types (CREE and SAMSUNG chips ) to create a powerful spectrum that at the bottom-line does wonders in the grow room

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Brand LED Hydroponic LTD

Skyline 1000 LED grow lights Equivalent to or better than 1000w HPS.


The Skyline 1000w LED grow lights are the latest development from with passive cooling Bringing together the best in high-tech materials and CREE and SAMSUNG LED chips to deliver a new range of modular LED grow light systems.  These units are a step change when it comes to build quality and real-world performance.

Skyline 1000w


  • Free UK Delivery 
  • High PPF of 1670 µmol/s and Photon Efficacy 2.7 µmol/J.
  • Hanging bracket & Power Lead 
  • 5 Years Total Peace of mind Warranty
  • 5 years Technical / after-sales support
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • From a UK based Company – no long waits for units/parts or repairs
  • Instant Communication at all times.

 At the core : 

The series is based around a single 100W modular LED unit which is fitted with CREE’s powerful Cree® and SAMSUNG  LEDs series   This unit is fan-less, and IP65 rated.  Each module has a blend of LED types (CREE and SAMSUNG led chips ) to create a powerful spectrum that at the bottom-line does wonder in the grow room.

Each version of the Skyline led grow lights uses a different arrangement of the 100W modules. The design uses high quality LED driver units, and all wiring and connectors are sealed and even water-tight.

 Key Features

1. Advanced Aluminium-Fin heatsink, providing cooling without needing noisy fault prone fans.

2. White – Light.

Our blend appears visually primarily white due to the balance of the output spectrum,

which both the plants and growers both LOVE.

3. The modular structure is industrial grade and highly serviceable and upgradable.

4. Heavy-duty adjustable bracket allowing flexibility of wall mounting as well as hanging.

5. Unique design using removable power supply and light source

6. Supplied with a generous 5M cable and mains plug.

7. Weight 14KG

8. Only using 500w power

Mounting System

The Skyline includes a heavy-duty bracket built into the side of the unit.  This allows the unit to be wall-mounted very securely.

The bracket can be adjusted into one of three different fixed locations to allow side or tilt mounting.


Very quickly rising to the top of our hot list, the Skyline is a massive performer.

The combination of stealth-bomber looks and large surface area of powerful LED point sources set the scene and follow up with explosive results in the growing phase, huge flowering and unbelievable yields of rock-solid sticky buds.

With the high yielding varieties or anything for that matter, this lamp can really drive them beyond expectation.

Real-world results are important to us, and this lamp definitely is a massive move in the right direction.  But of course, we’ve also put the final setup through the usual barrage of tests to characterise its performance and give you the figures you’ll want to know.

By section 6 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, it is an offence to cultivate any plant of the genus Cannabis in the United Kingdom without a license from the Secretary of State. Anyone committing an offence contrary to this section may be imprisoned or fined, or both. Visitors to this website are advised against breaking the law.

Skyline 1600


Additional information

Weight13 kg

5 reviews for Skyline 1000 LED grow lights

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Bad ass led. you have to get led glasses for this led. So bright.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Love this led. best one yet. not buying anymore cheap Chinese crap.
    Worth the extra money. wish I got this from the start.
    going get 2 more in the new year.

  3. Skyline 1000/review
    I ordered late afternoon on Wednesday received Friday morning,fast service.the unit looks impressive with a good quality to comes with pull cord raiser x 2, nice quality again.i set it up and 3 hours later you could see the plants had responded to the new light,cant tell you any end results yet,but so far so good.”led hydro”are a dream to deal with,highly recommend this company and light unit…… steff

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Muddy My quality has gone up massively since I switched away from hps and trusted my hard earned cash on LED’s and LED hydroponics. Was a leap of faith and I wondered if I was wasting my money at 1st, but after th 1st go I was blown away, they really work. You’ve got a customer for life and I count you as a friend. Happy to help promote what your products are capable of mate, they really are a “step change”

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Was a little unsure as I hadn’t heard of the LED Hydroponic LTD previously but needed to upgrade as my Marshydro lights had quite a few burnt out leds (2x mars hydro pulling 400w at the wall). Upgraded to the skyline 1000 which draws 500w, so an increase in a 100 watts. Ordered on Wednesday and received on Friday, well packaged and with obvious references to what it was scrubbed out with a marker pen.
    The kit is proper industrial grade gear, no cheap feeling plastics. The whole unit is solid.
    On my first run yields increased 3x!!!
    I recommend this Skyline for your growing as the intensity of these lights will give very good harvest. 100% would buy again

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