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    Introducing the all-new Skyline series LED Grow lights Silent & Powerful. Waterproof & Modular. Built to last the wars

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    Super Helios is the Perfect Solution to All Your Light Troubles!

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Keep Growing with LED Grow Lights!

There is no stopping the popularity of LED grow lights, and we would know as we have sold more than 30,000 LED grow lights since 2008. Now, that is an incredible feat and a milestone on our part.

However, LEDHYDROPONICS did not become one of the most reliable LED grow lights suppliers overnight. We invested our time performing and following an intensive manufacturing procedure, consisting of designing, researching, and testing.

 Keep Growing with LED Grow Lights!


Our Aim: To Present Our Customers with a High-Quality Product, Giving the Best Results

We have dedicated our resources; both time and money, to ensure our LED grow lights do not let our customers down. When we look back, specifically 8 years ago, as a company we see how our LED grow lights have evolved and on how we have perfected our product over the years to deliver our customers a product that can last them several years.

Cultivator Led Plus

protects your eyes from all harmful UV light.

We Are Proud to Say We Have One of the Best LED Grow Lights in the Market!

Customers who require superior quality LED grow lights to grow their plants indoors may have already tried several of them, but too little to zero success. Without sufficient light, the airflow system and the nutrients you are providing to your plants will still leave them in a poor condition, and you frustrated Now imagine what poor quality LED grow lights will do to your prized plants.

Have You Ever Wondered Why That Is? Why That Scenario?

One reason: Manufacturers importing LED Grow Lights from China or LED grow lights directly bought from a Chinese manufacturer may use cheap led chips that will not always perform as optimally as a grower would hope they would.

Professional and budding growers can trust us to provide them with LED grow light they can rely on. LEDHYDROPONICS only use bridgelux & Cree LEDs from the United States and a high-tech isolated power supply to ensure our LED grow lights provide growers with efficient results.


How Else Do You Think We Are Able to Provide Our Customers with a Five-Year Warranty and a 90 Days Money Back Guarantee?

On top of that, we are the only LED grow light company to have an established service centre in the United Kingdom. For this reason, LEDHYDROPONICS can provide customers with a four to five days turnaround time. Our customers benefit greatly from our presence in the United Kingdom, as they do not have to ship faulty LED grow lights back to China, play the five to six weeks waiting game, and then out of their own pockets, pay the shipping and VAT charges.

For proof that our LED grow lights are the real deal, check out our YouTube channel and don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook.

Some of the LED lights models included in LEDHYDROPONICS collection are Super Helios PRO, Evader, Photon PRO, and Skyline. We look forward to becoming your primary LED lights grow supplier. Feel free to give us a call on 0845 680 2687, 


All payment are made via Paypal, we do not have access to your card information.


If you buy from USA or China You have to pay Import Duty & 20% VAT on led lights

Beware Chinese Sellers Masquerading as UK website, check for address and phone no.

Beware of fake Super Helios on eBay. 



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Contact us  : 07967109663 or   0345 680 2687

address 28 Lower Lees road, Slough, SL22AB, UK.

Email : muddy@ledhydroponics.co.uk

Contact us with Skype : muddyled

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