LED grow lights from seed to harvest with passive cooling making them 100% silent and waterproof.

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LED HYDROPONICS was born in 2008 and since that day, like the plants we assist.

The company has grown to new heights every year, always at the forefront of technology and always aiming to run an efficient, honest business with complete care and aftercare for our precious customers.

We operate at the cutting edge of LED technology, investing our own money into developing new techniques and inventions so that we can bring them to you at a reasonable price and with our official stamp of approval.

Our proud line of products ranges from the remarkable the slick Skyline, Solar Flare and Skysaber Pro led grow lights.

This family of lights have been reared, developed, tested and manufactured by our very selves.


To Present Our Customers with a High-Quality Product, Giving the Best Results because We have dedicated our resources; both time and money, to ensure our grow lights do not let our customers down.

When we look back, specifically 12 years ago, as a company we see how our Top LED grow lights have evolved and on how we have perfected our product over the years to deliver our customers a product that can last them several years.

Evolving over 12 years, our LED lights are now better than ever and the results only prove this.

We are one of the BEST LED GROW LIGHT company around and pride ourselves on always being one step ahead of the competition, both in price, customer care and quality of products.

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Our Best LED grow lights deliver over 90% absorbable light to your plants, compared to only 15% with High-Intensity Discharge Lighting, but that’s not where it ends. The ultimate goal to developing a Commercial and Warehouse Grow-ready LED Grow Light is to be able to deliver the optimum wavelengths your plants require and be able to support all cycles of plant growth.

Plants crave different wavelengths during each cycle of growth therefore you need the appropriate elements designed into your lighting system to support this function. By using led hydroponics LED Technology, we developed a series of LED Grow Lights that BEAT Metal Halide & High-Pressure Sodium Lighting.

In addition, as our LED Grow lights Uk emit only narrow bands of light at these frequencies in the light spectrum, this maximizes the effect of the LED grow light in relation to the electricity used.

Do led grow lights work? Yes LEDs work for growing, you just need to buy good quality led grow light Bulbs. We use Cree LEDs from the USA, Samsung led and a high quality isolated power supply that’s why we can give you 5 years warranty and 90 days money-back guarantee (see Terms for more info) We can show you led grow diaries to prove LEDs work. Check out led hydroponics YouTube channels click to see youtube

Beware of low-quality lookalikes

Most led grow lights on e-bay and Amazon or directly from China use cheap Chinese led chips not always the right spectrum that works for growing. Disco lights are not good for growing.

Their lights look similar, even have the same information and model name.

We have a service centre in the UK. And a 4 to 5 days turn around. You don’t have to send faulty lights back to China and wait for 5 to 12 weeks to get them back or have to pay for shipping and VAT when they come back therefore not saving money in the long run. Most Chinese copy’s don’t work anyway.

Although the majority of products are made in China nowadays, Chinese companies don’t have the same trading standards. Our products go through stringent testing to ensure that they last the five year period and more.

We offer a 100% full UK warranty. Get peace of mind, buy with confidence, and more importantly, achieve RESULTS

LED grow Light FAQ’s

Q: What is the Lumen output for your LED grow light?

A: Lumens are a measure of the light seen by the HUMAN eye. Plants do not see the same light that humans see and therefore lumen’s are irrelevant when it comes to plant lighting. Our LED Grow Lights Uk produce light in the wavelengths that plants need the most. Only a small percentage of the light produce by an HID light is absorbed by plants which means that 80% oft he lumens are wasted.

You need good PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density ) and not Lumen for grow lights.

Our led are 2.2 to 2.9 µmol/J. Photon Efficacy

Q: Which colour spectrum do I need for my plants?

A: Full spectrum Extreme Flower: Our Extreme Flower LEDs are built for both vegetative and flowering designed to perform extremely well in all stage growing.

Our blend recipe is a unique combination of LEDs that have been proven to exceed HID light in flower/fruit quality while also providing the quantity and quality of flowers all growers expect.

Q: How do LED grow lights work?

A: Basically, LED grow lights are unique in that they emit light that is within the spectrum that is correspondent to optimal plant absorption capabilities.

Since they are directional, they require no reflectors or ballasts like HID lighting. Additionally,

all of the light that they emit is usable so they consume much less energy than their old school predecessors.

Q: Does LED grow lighting burn hot like HID systems?

A: No, that is one of the significant advantages that LED indoor growth systems to provide.

The lights are just warm to the touch, and they don’t heat up the growing area at-all,

so no additional cooling is necessary.

Q: People say that LED growing lights save you money on your power bill. How much?

A: Studies show that the energy-efficient LED grow lights typically provide 50%-60% saving over the Hid lights when you factor in reduced cooling costs.

Q: I’ve heard some people say indoor Led grow lights don’t work, why is that?

A: There have been marketers who use the advantages of LED technology as selling points,

then attach a low price tag on a light that is simply not strong enough to stimulate plant growth.

Q: Are these LED lights discreet?

A: Absolutely. In addition to the fact that they don’t increase your power bill by any eye-catching amount,

they also leave no thermal signature


Skyline 400mk2

Rated 5 out of 5

I am growing over 24 years and always use sodium and metalhelid to grow lovely big buds.
every summer I stop growing for 3 months but this year my friend got me into led from ledhydroponics.co.uk.
and these lights fucking works. managed with the heat ok and buds was big and solid.
I am going try this led in winter to see how they do.

Old dog

Skysaber LED Light

Rated 5 out of 5

Love the light spread on this unit and easy to assemble.
My plants are loving them and they are lush, was only using 4 bars in veg and all 8 bars in flowering.
My buds are fat and loaded with crystals, the colours on my Pineapple Express are lovely.
Got loads advice from Muddy and he was happy for me to WhatsApp him weekly.
Old school customer service, you don’t get this kind of service these days.
May the force be with you.

happy customer

Skyline 400 mk2

Rated 5 out of 5

Wow just got my new mk2 skyline 400 a nice piece of kit solid build and blinding light backed up by muddy and fantastic level of service. I have been using his lights for over 3 years and get amazing quality and quantity far better than hps. Any problems , you get instant response and no fuss problem solved. I have no connection to this firm I am just a customer who appreciates good quality and excellent customer service keep up the good work muddy


Best led Skyline 1000

Rated 5 out of 5

Love this led. best one yet. not buying anymore cheap Chinese crap.
Worth the extra money. wish I got this from the start.
going get 2 more in the new year

Simon M (verified owner)

Skyline 800

Rated 5 out of 5

Been growing for 15 years and have just swapped from a 600w HPS and 315W CMH.
plants are loving it! lower temps and halved my leccy bill. I am a true convert now & great customer service.


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