LED – HPS Interchangeable Grow Room Glasses

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LED – HPS Interchangeable

Grow Room Glasses EYE PROTECTION Brand LED Hydroponic LTD
  • Protect your eyes with Grow Room Glasses don’t grow blind

  • These grow room glasses will protect your eyes from harmful light and UV rays that can be damaging; They also help provide clarity to your field of vision, which can be important when tending to your plants

  • SPECIALIZED LENSES- This set comes with blue lenses for  High Pressure Sodium (HPS) , and green lenses for LED’s.

  • Each set of lenses helps filter your view, making it easier to monitor and care for your plants regardless of the lighting

  • Industrial quality glasses are tough to find at an affordable price, yet is exactly what these hydroponics glasses are.

  • They can be used for when out and about, but the specialized lenses are ideal for working in your grow room

  • Grow room operators are at an ever-increasing risk of permanent eye damage to rapid technological advancements in commercial- and industrial-grade lighting sources becoming ever more available to hobbyists and small-scale producers who are unfamiliar with the risks this high-tech equipment poses.



LED Hydroponic LTD

1 review for LED – HPS Interchangeable Grow Room Glasses

  1. Lee (verified owner)

    Nice glasses, I also use them as sun glasses for driving.
    Love the green glasses.

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