Microben Terra Acuts


Microben Terra Acuts

Dr Organics Microben Terra Actus is a true living microbe suspension. Made with 100% Unsulphured black strap molasses containing a multitude of microbes and beneficial bacteria. It contains a combination of yeasts, actinomycetes and bacteria including photosynthetic and lactic acid bacteria. Brewed in our vats and bottled on day of dispatch to ensure maximum usable life. Microben Terra Actus is viable for a minimum of 90 days from bottling.


Microben Terra Actus
Directions for use:
Add 20 ml per litre of water

Ready to use straight from the bottle store in a dark room temperature place.

For best results use every 10 to 14 days throughout veg and Bloom

When reamending your soil use at 40 ml per litre of water on the first watering your soil recives.

Discontinue use in the last 2 weeks of flower as there is no added benefit using Microben Terra Actus at this point of the plants life.

Will increase nutrient uptake, Enable high levels of microbes to remain in the soil, Enhance crop productivity & flavour. Will Improve all aspects of plant health and root development.

  1. Shaun 

    This is a great product. I have had the pleasure of using this product multiple times with great results. Offering living microbes combined with the highest quality molasses its an amazing addition to any organic growers arsenal. You are guaranteed to see the difference in the vitality of your plants. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  2. Skunk Genetix 

    I’d give this liquid gold 10 stars if I could. Excellent results and very happy plants.

  3. Uk_flower_power 

    Awesome stuff really gets the soil biology alive and kicking, guarantee to see big difference in plant health and lasts for ages so we’ll worth the money

  4. Pandamilk 

    Great live product Booming beneficial freshly made and delivered next day unlike most of the powdered competition. the plants love it! couldn’t ask for a better service and dr organics’ advice is always on point

  5. Scotty 

    Can’t get any higher star ⭐️ rating than 5 shame,because all the products from this company are top notch and any grower that isn’t onto this by now is losing out,on quality and money,ditch the bottles you losers.

  6. Mike 

    Brilliant service, excellent products and an all round nice bloke very happy with my purchases definitely one of if not the best on the market definitely recommended


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