CenturionPro Original Trimmer Wet & Dry Bud Trimming Machine


One of the top industrial trimmers on the market is the Centurion Pro Original. This trimmer is ideal for medium-sized enterprises and has proven its worth time and time again.

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CenturionPro Original Trimmer Electropolished

Centurion Pro Original Trimmer is made of anodized aluminium and stainless steel and is as tough as it is powerful. Look no farther than this professional trimmer if users are looking for an innovative flower trimming machine that maximises efficiency.

The Original delivers 37,500 cuts per minute because of the 11-blade Toro reinforced cutting reel.

It includes a powerful 3 horsepower leaf collector that runs on 220 volts, as well as an extra-large hopper for easy feeding. Furthermore, the carefully adjusted diverter and triple-bag system work diligently to maintain trim.

Product Data

  • Brand: Centurion Pro
  • Height: 110cm
  • Length: 120cm
  • Width: 99cm

Centurion Pro Original Wet & Dry Bud Trimming Machine

The Centurion Pro Original Standard Trimmer system is the industry standard.

The Original Standard Trimmer is ideal for medium-sized companies since it can perform the work of 60 persons while preserving trim quality.

The anodized aluminium and stainless steel used in the Original Standard Trimmer provide longevity and a quality feel.

The Original Standard Trimmer is made up of industry-standard components such as a 30-inch tumbler, a 3-horsepower leaf collector suction system, and CenturionPro’s triple-bag kief filtration and trim collecting system, which allows you to filter kief while trimming.

Want to increase efficiency?

The stock tumbler can be upgraded to the Quantanium tumbler, which eliminates the need for lubricants and prevents trichomes from clinging to the tumbler surface. For rapid cleanup between trims, the Quantanium surface can be wiped down with a towel and warm water.


In an hour, the Original Standard Trimmer can trim up to 35KG of wet product or 7KG of dry product using twin trimmers.

Durable Design

Original Standard Pro is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminium, giving a premium feel every time.

Filter Kief as you trim

The triple bag collection system lets you collect the Kief as you trim. Your Kief is filtered as soon as you’re done trimming.



Integrate the Original with the CenturionPro Buckers for a seamless process. HP and GC buckers are ready to join your Original.



  •    Trimmer uses twin trimmers to trim up to 35KG of wet product or 7KG of dry product in an hour.
  •     Produces 35,000 cuts in a minute[videopress Om3POx2S]

Centurion Pro’s award-winning line-up includes a variety of automatic bud trimmers to fit any and all types of harvests. Whether you’re a small-scale producer with a few plants, a small or medium-sized business, or a commercial farmer, there’s a Centurion Pro machine out there to save you time and money while also adding ease.

CenturionPro Original
Description Specification
Input Voltage 7A * 220V NA
Dimensions 30″ x 13″ x 26″
Weight 41KG
Tumbler Diameter 6.5″
Cuts Per Minute 37,500+

CenturionPro Original Dust Collector

Description Specification
Input Voltage 15A – 220V NA
Dimensions 20″ x 20″ x 18.5″
Weight 31.8KG
Horse Power 3HP
Airflow Capacity 2750 CFMWarranty




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