Green-Qube V: GQ1224 – 1.2m x 2.4m x 2m tent


Green-Qube V: GQ1224 – 1.2m x 2.4m x 2m tent

Green Qube V Grow Tent GQ1224 1.2 x 2.4 x 2m OR 2.2m

Green-Qube V: GQ1224 – 1.2m x 2.4m x 2m tent

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£310.00 £235.00

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                            Grow tent

  • Measures 1.2m x 2.4m x 2m (also available in 2.2m tall version)
  • 25mm x 0.8mm powder-coated über strong metal poles
  • XREFLECT® diamond mylar for superior reflectivity & fewer hotspots
  • Hanging weight of +100kg
  • 2 x main access doors, 1 x side door and 2 x rear doors – rear doors comprise of 1 x standard door and 1 x High Use V Door
  • Optional High Use V Door (x 1) for fast & easy 2-second access – this triangular door has ultra-robust aerospace zips to prolong the life of your tent
  • Tough, chunky, powerful and ultra-robust  Aerospace Zips on High Use V Door
  • Silicon Anti-Slip Tips on all hanging bars for weight load stability and no bar sliding
  • Multi-Use 360 Access – doors and feature placement for full any-position-access
  • Hydrometer Guard – clear pocket positioned on the front of the tent with direct access to the tent
  • Outer shell now in ultra-strong and thick 600D
  • 2 x Uplift MAX Bars® – extra high now measuring 12cm.  For gravity-fed water systems e.g. Autopot, Multiflow & IWS Systems
  • 3 Sensor Windows®
  • Double zips plus rubber-backed, waterproof and military-grade
  • 5 x 11″ double oversized extract socks which fit all sizes of ducting including acoustic ducting
  • 4 x cable socks
  • 8 x outside passive vents with 700 microns bug-proof MicroMesh
  • LightSavers® on all vents to deflect light
  • StitchBLOK® with Tritec® foam technology for ultra-blackout light proofing
  • British engineered and designed
  • Plus door hooks, hanging straps & spill tray

Additional information


Measures 1.2 x 2.4 x 2m, Measures 1.2m x 2.4m, with 2m or 2.2m height options


3 hanging bars with our NEW silicon Anti-Slip Tips, Uber strong 25mm x 0.8mm with easy click connector system. Powder-coated orange


Strong 25mm x 0.8m corners with easy click connectors

Hanging Weight

Over 100kg

Intake Outlet Socks

5 x 11″ double oversized extract socks, fits all sizes of ducting including acoustic ducting and 4 cable socks

Interior Lining

Matching Spill Tray, XREFLECT® diamond mylar, engineered for 98% lightproof

Outer Shell

600D, Hydrometer Guard – clear pocket with direct access into your tent, Tough canvas with non-toxic PVA. 99% light proof and fully sealed unit once closed

Uplift Bar

Extra height of 12cm, 2 x Uplift Bar® for gravity-fed water systems


3 x viewing green Sensor Windows. With sensor technology to amplify plants’ energy stores


8 x outside passive vents with 700-micron MicroMesh bug-screen. All with LightSavers® to soften light glare


Robust quick access Aerospace Zips on High Use V Door, *NEW* Double Zips so you can safely zip yourself inside. Plus military-style blackout 10 gauge, fully waterproof with Green-Qube metal zip pull


1 rear door = High Use V Door for fast 2-second access + robust AeroSpace Zips to extend the life of tent, Multi-Use 360 Access, 2 x main access door with plastic door hook, 1 x side door with plastic door hooks 2 x rear doors with plastic door hooks

Hanging Straps

4 x nylon hanging straps with plastic buckles

Plant Capacity

8 to 12 plants


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