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Super Helios Pro 4 - 800w

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Super Helios Pro 4 - 800w
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Super Helios Pro 4 : 4 cluster , 800W model




Introducing Super Helios series LED Grow lights

Full spectrum for all stages of growing. From seed to harvest.

The name behind our latest generation of LED lighting derives from the Greek god of the sun and the sun itself. Helios. According to mythology, Helios was known for driving a chariot led by four fire-breathing horses across the sky each day.

super Helios 4

Super HELIOS Pro 4 - 800W : Quad Super Helios Pro COB clusters, compact and powerful!

Dimensions :  29 cm Wide x 29 cm Deep x 12cm Deep

Weight : 6Kg

Area Covered:  4 Feet x 4 Feet (24 Inches) 

Comparison:Tested PAR output 


General Description:This Light has 4 Modules with Mixed Array LED’s, each Array has 64 High Quality/Output 3W LED’s

  Max Power used 400 Watts (100W per Cluster Module*)



  • Free UK Delivery 
  • Free Hanging Kit & Power Lead 
  • 3 Years Total Peace of mind Warranty
  • 3  years Technical / after sales support
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • From a UK based Company - no long waits for units/parts or repairs
  • Instant Communication at all times.


Hi-Tech COB LED Clusters

All models utilise an advanced 200W, Chip-On-Board [COB] technology, Full spectrum cluster unit. This provides a huge power density and excellent spectrum blending across the grow area.  These High performance Integrated LED’s are the centrepiece of our latest high power LED Grow Light, a next generation set-up providing high power and efficiency whilst greatly improving reliability


Integrated LED's

Integrated LED’s are functionally the same as their traditional counterparts, but rather than individually cased LED’s they are miniaturized and combined into single, multiple-spectrum arrays. This brings considerable advantages in thermal dissipation, creating a positive effect on lifetime; reliability and allowing us produce lamps that enter the next power-factor.


The High Powered 3 Watt LED's are carefully selected from LED Manufacturers such as Bridgelux, Cree and Epistar and thoroughly quality checked before leaving the factory


The spectrums we use are 440nm, 460nm, 630nm and 660nm, UVB ,IR & more Blending makes this full spectrum grow light.  Even though this spectrum is the currently the best we are always looking for new discoveries in fine tuning wavelengths and spectrums which could mean more newer spectrums may be available in the future. These units are fully upgradeable as well.


Heat Management

 copper heatsink

Whilst being hugely more efficient than other methods of turning energy into light, 100% efficiency is impossible.  Therefore LED's do generate some heat output and this needs to be adequately dispersed away from the LED chips themselves.  Note also that LED's spectral output is affected by the chip running temperature.  The bottom line is : the better the heatsinking and thermal management, the better the long term stability and reliability of the LED grow light.    


Each Helios module has the mixed array LED hand soldered onto a metal core printed circuit board [PCB], These are the best component boards you can get for LED’s, specifically designed and produced by our own team of engineers.


Mounted On top of these are dual core, double plated copper heat sinks for superior cooling.


The efficient heat transfer paste is also carefully selected and tested thoroughly for its best heat dissipation from the LED diode to Heatsink


The whole internal components & Heat sinks are kept cool by high speed quiet ball bearing fans.


The only slightly warm air that comes from this unit is generated from exhaust from inside the unit from the heat sinks which are designed to transfer heat away from the rear of the LED diodes themselves.  The fronts of the lights are slightly warm to the touch. So heat generation is almost Zero. This also helps the

Residual Humidity inside the area.


From Germination to Flowering, this LED is very capable of creating BIG yields, Big dense flowers and fruit and has been proven over and over again.





PAR and LUX for  Super Helios

Height Items S Helios 4 S Helios 6
0.3m PAR 1600 2000
LUX 63000 74000
0.6m PAR 520 750
LUX 21000 28000
0.9m PAR 200 350
LUX 10100 12100
1.2m PAR 110 210
LUX 6000 7400

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Additional Information

Additional Information

LED-Watts 800W
LED Type Helios COB : 64 LED's x 4 clusters x 3W LED's
Consumption 400W
HPS (HID) Watts Equivalent 800W
Hi-Yield Coverage 4ft x4ft
Maximum Coverage 5ft x 5ft
length 32 cm
width 32 cm
height 9 cm

Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

A1 customer service
I ordered one of these a few weeks ago. Fantastic build. The out put is insane so ordered a second and the girls love em. Cheers muddy.
Review by Bogbum / (Posted on 08/08/2017)
Best ever
This is a great light but you also get amazing customer service if you need it which counts for just as much.
Well worth the £££&& all round.
going get 1 more next month.
Review by Acefromspace. / (Posted on 13/04/2017)
Highly recommended, dont waste money on cheap leds
Been growing with these lights for a few years now, i really like them and they do a fantastic job blowing most shity bands outa the water. Pricey but worth the extra £££ to get quality and excellent warranty (replacement parts within days)
Review by AlmightyBruce / (Posted on 29/09/2016)
finaly led that works.
this led do the job well as good as my 600W HPS, I have use Chinese and marshydro bullshit led.
Mars is absolute trash. Chinese company spreading bullshit reviews. mars led buds was small., worth the money to buy good led.
Review by Nicholas / (Posted on 26/04/2016)
old HPS grower.
always happy with my HPS but it hard work every summer and i can only run 1 x 600w sodium, normally run 3x 600w.
i was reluctant to change to led but after talking to muddy i went for 2 x super helios 4 on the 90 day money back.
as i promise muddy if lights work i will give good review. i got 4 of this units now, using less power and getting more yield.
100% recommended.
Review by weedman / (Posted on 05/09/2015)
Bad ass
Blood this lights bad ass. 1 up
Review by kaliman / (Posted on 26/08/2015)
Go for it!
Another first time grower and I got excellent results. The plants loved this light and looked really healthy throughout the grow. Pricey, but I paid premium for a UK dealer so it's good to know from the review below that there is a friendly and efficient service when things go wrong. Great light! So glad I went for LED. I would highly recommend this light and this retailer.
Review by Gadge / (Posted on 28/04/2015)
efficient and friendly service and good grow advice
I had a warranty issue with one of the Helios 4 LED chip went out. I call ledhydro and got parts in 2 days and was easy to change. Anyone can change efficient and friendly service!
I am first time grower and I am very happy with my plants and I also get good advice from muddy at ledhydroponics. 100% recommend this company.
Review by bongo man / (Posted on 21/04/2015)
will buy more
The light works great. Have the super Helios 4 The footprint of the light output is amazing, covering a 4' x 4' area at only 45cm above canopy. Growth rate is phenomenal. The light itself is wonderful, I still love the light, plants are 6weeks into flower and look every bit as good as HID grown plants (if not better). Lower electric bill and heat issues gone forever! Just love this led.
Review by Nick B / (Posted on 21/04/2015)

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