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Photon PRO led grow lights

Back on popular demand

We have many customers wanting to buy the Photon led grow lights series so its back. 

Our Full spectrum Photon Pro series LED grow lights are cost effective, sturdy and give excellent results.  The core of the range is the 21 x 3W  bridglux (from USA) LED cluster which  Photon pro LED grow lights are available in a configuration of 4, 6 or the range topping NINE Photon Pro clusters!

ledhydroponics offer a 5-year warranty on the Photon Pro series, ensuring you have peace of mind and excellent growing results for years to come.

Daisy Chain

If you are using more then 1 led you may want Daisy Chain the additional panels to fill out the coverage for the garden. All our LED grow light is equipped with a daisy chain feature that enables you to connect each panel together with a power cord. This way, you can have a clean and organized layout with a single cord plugging into the outlet, and a chain of cords connecting the panels together

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cluster control OFF , ON , half ON , for max flexibility!

Photon pro power switches   

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