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Full spectrum for all stages of growing. From seed to harvest.

Our next-gen Full spectrum HELIOS LED grow lights are based on a powerful 96W, Full Spectrum integrated LED unit.  The range extends from the twin clustered Helios PRO 2 , all the way to impressive 9-cluster Helios PRO 9 model.  All models share the same Chip-On-Board core technology, representing a leap forward in LED grow light performance.

comes in red or white colour housing

Daisy Chain

If you are using more then 1 led you may want Daisy Chain the additional panels to fill out the coverage for the garden. All our LED grow light is equipped with a daisy chain feature that enables you to connect each panel together with a power cord. This way, you can have a clean and organized layout with a single cord plugging into the outlet, and a chain of cords connecting the panels together.

UK 3 pin power lead

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