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This weeks grow review comes from Captain Beefheart who grew a great looking AutoColorado Cookies in coco fibre using a 400W HPS and a 200W power draw Skyline LED . Nutrients were Canna coco nutrients, plus CalMag (calcium and magnesium) additive from vitalink.

AutoColorado Cookies is a feminized auto seed variety, the parent genetics came from Dutch Passion Blueberry and a very special Girl Scout Cookies line from Colorado. Its a sweet tasting variety, with fruity aromas and is one of the strongest indica dominant auto genetics we have ever seen. When grown in optimum conditions she is an XXL yielder of very tight, dense sticky buds. The genetics on this variety come from stable and top quality parents, so the offspring is equally potent. Multiple blooms form, each bloom can produce 20-30cm of buds. This is a variety that can take a lot of light, the more the better, especially from week 5 onwards.

AutoColorado Cookies, easy to grow home grown cannabis

AutoColorado Cookies is indica dominant, with just enough sativa genes to allow the blooms to stretch far enough to allow for a good final plant size. Hybridising the Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies genetics produced a vigorously growing offspring. The pictures from the grow show the AutoColorado Cookies has grown into a strong bushy plant with 20 or more blooms. Final harvests tend to be well above average mainly because there are so many blooms which can form in good lighting conditions. This variety also responds well to side light, its a variety that does well for beginners but can deliver very special results in the hands of expert growers who can carefully optimise grow room conditions and nutrients.

Fast growing varieties such as AutoColorado Cookies often benefit from Calcium/Magnesium supplements in addition to the normal nutrients. Modern autos are often grown under 20 hours of daily light. Dutch Passion autos are better quality than most, they can even take 24 hour light from seed to harvest, under these demanding conditions the plants never stop photosynthesising and this can sometimes require Calcium/Magnesium supplements. Magnesium plays a critical role in photosynthesis and is a key mineral in chlorophyll.

Coco fibre has become extremely popular with autoflower growers, autos generally grow slightly faster and larger in coco than soil. Auto’s grow particularly well with good levels of root aeration, coco fibre has an open structure that allows high levels of essential oxygen to reach the roots. Many home growers get great results with airpots in combination with coco fibre. For maximum growth rates in coco fibre consider putting an air-stone at the bottom of the plant container, the roots love the extra oxygenation and will respond with explosive growth.

This AutoColorado Cookie was grown in an 11 litre container, which contained 7 litres of coco fibre. In mid bloom she was being fed twice a day, with 3.5 litres of feed solution each time. In coco fibre with optimum conditions a good quality modern auto can grow almost at the same rates as it would in a hydroponic system. But coco fibre is, for many home growers, a much easier system to work with than hydroponics systems - e.g. deep water culture. Hydro systems such as DWC can place demanding requirements to carefully control pH, temperature, electrical conductivity (‘E.C.’) and various other issues.

THC-rich home grown cannabis using coco fibre

Growing THC-rich cannabis in coco fibre can be simple and easy. In many cases its simply a 2-part feeding solution, Canna Coco is one of the most popular feed solutions and comes in a ‘Part A’ and ‘Part B’ solution. Of course, there are plenty of supplemental coco feed materials but not all are absolutely necessary. Perhaps the most useful additional feed supplements are a pK boost for bloom, and perhaps a Calcium/Magnesium supplement for fast growing autos that are being pushed hard under 20 hours (or 24 hours) of daily light.

Note how the AutoColorado Cookies produced a large framework and plenty of blooms. Sometimes a large auto can take an extra couple of weeks to finish if the auto has taken the time to grow a big, branchy structure. The extra time is required simply because the plant genetics are working overtime to produce the necessary biomass to fill every branch with resinous buds. The last 2-3 weeks of an auto growth cycle is normally the time when bud and resin production has reached maximum. Allowing the auto the extra time to fully ripen can be the difference between a large harvest and a very large harvest. AutoColorado Cookies uses some of the latest USA genetics which were selected for the XL harvest potential.

Any home grower looking for an easy and predictable way to get fast XL harvests of strong cannabis should consider a top quality modern auto combined with coco fibre. At Dutch Passion we see lots of customers become entirely self sufficient cannabis growers with minimum effort and complexity.

 AUTOCOLORADO COOKIES and skyline 400w


LED grow blogs

Automazar & led grow lights from ledhydroponics

AutoMazar is a remarkably heavy-yielding autoflowering hybrid between our legendary Mazar and a Ruderalis/Indica. Mazar is a triple prize winner, a best seller praised for its potency, high yields and soft taste. AutoMazar produces sticky, generously proportioned buds and grows to a height of 70 to 80 cm. AutoMazar is a typical Indica, a strong-growing dense plant with big leaves and big yields

AutoMazar grown under Super Helios 6 led grow lights from ledhydroponics

AutoMazar grown under Super Helios 6 led grow lights from ledhydroponics

This weeks blog is an incredible Dutch Passion AutoMazar grow. Two AutoMazar’s were planted by ‘LEDbud’ with LED grow lights, who is a Central-European legal grower specialising in maximising the harvest potential of his plants. The AutoMazar’s were grown in large 30 litre airpots containing BioBizz coco mix and were grown under LED grow lights. The result was quite incredible, the AutoMazar’s grew large numbers of huge blooms. Results like these are some of the best you will see – most home growers dream of producing plants like these. All the photographs of AutoMazar come from LEDbuds special grow.

massive automazar

heavy blooms, typical of automazar



Above, Dutch Passion AutoMazar grown in massive 30 litre airpots of coco fibre

This was an unusual grow in many ways.
•Firstly, the AutoMazar’s produced an exceptionally heavy yield and really looked like Xmas trees at the end. It shows what is possible from premium quality auto genetics in good conditions. The plants were held up by a cane-support system to prevent them collapsing under their own weight. The 15-20 largest side blooms all grew to a really good size, this is key to delivering XXL harvests in home growing.
•Secondly, the AutoMazar’s were grown in 30 litre airpots filled with coco fibre, an unusual combination. Often we see airpots being used to great effect with compost rather than coco. Coco fibre is a naturally well aerated growing medium which produces good results even in traditional plant containers. So seeing 30 litre airpots combined with coco fibre grow medium was an unusual sight. Airpots are similar to traditional plant containers, but they have hundreds of airholes around the side to allow extra root oxygenation, and airpots have a dimpled inner surface which prevent roots from clinging to the side/bottom of the pot. In this grow LEDbud showed what a great combination coco, LED grow lights and airpots make.
•Thirdly, LEDbud used a 600W Helios 6 from ledhydroponics above each Dutch Passion AutoMazar, offering a huge amount of light for 20 hours of daily photosynthesis. We see an increasing number of home-growers using LED grow lights to produce great results.




frosty blooms

surprising number of heavy blooms surround main cola

lots of bud production all over

Enjoy the photographs, the following comments and pictures are from LEDbud himself.

“I had 2 plants, I called them Mary and Jane. I had to cut Jane down on 100 days because of mold and got 343g dry. Mary was 107 days and 407g dry. They were grown in 30l air pots with BioBizz Coco-Mix and fed with Canna Terra Vega in veg and canna coco in bloom.
•Day 67-90: Atami Bloombastic at 1ml per litre, the P/K (Phosphorus/Potassium) ratio is 20/21 for Bloombastic.
•Day 90-102: Advanced Nutrients Overdrive at 2ml per litre and flushed for 5 days.
•Day 52 to 66 day: Canna PK13/14 was used at 1ml per litre
•Day 66: EC 2.2 and this increased to EC 2.6 on day 90

I also used Canna Rhizotonic (root stimulant) until day 80. Canna silica and Plant Magic Magne-Cal + was used on alternate feeds, the pH was 6.2 to 6.3 from start to finish.”

plants need support near the end

plants as tall as you are

branches bow down due to their own weight



“For the first 52 days I used one Helios 6 over each plant, from day 40 I used an additional Photon Pro 84 as a side light, one for each plant. From day 52 until finish each plant had its own Super Helios 6 (600W power draw). AutoMazar was very easy to grow, they love extra light and extra feed.”

“This my first grow with air-pots, I think they are almost as good as DWC, but easier.

Roots were plentiful, I don’t think I will grow in DWC anymore. I recommend airpots and coco.”



everyone wants to grow like this

generous levels of bud production is an under statement

“AutoMazar is lovely smoke, a taste like haze with a lemon fruity smell, she has an ‘up’ buzz.

It smokes very nice, even after just 2 weeks drying. I have only been growing autos since Feb-2013, I tried growing a few autos and was going go back to growing photoperiod varieties. Then I tried Dutch passions Think Different and AutoXtreme, I was happy with the plants and I started this AutoMazar. Now I am an Auto convert, flowering at 20 hours a day they get 8 hours more light than photo varieties. You get a better yield in same grow time.”



rich covering of trichome resin glands

a massive coco-fibre root ball, looks like a DWC plant

Above, note the incredible size of the AutoMazar root ball which grew in the 30 litre airpot of coco. Normally rootballs of this size are only seed in hydroponics


Congratulations to LEDbud on two very special looking plants, it was also great to see large airpots used with coco fibre and LED, we like to see home growers experimenting with new ways to push cannabis genetics as far as they will go.
Super Helios by ledhydroponics

The Ultimate & Helios 6 led grow lights


The Ultimate is one of Dutch Passions heaviest yielding varieties, she is a balanced 50% indica/50% sativa variety with a reputation for being easy and trouble free to grow. The Ultimate is also a customer favourite, the heavy yields are probably the main reason why repeat growers choose this variety.

This grow is with Evader 300w and Helios 6 led grow lights.

This weeks strain review comes from medical marijuana campaigner Clark French who is lobbying the UK Government to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. Clark recently formed the United Patients Alliance who are meeting with UK Government ministers in an attempt to change UK law. Here is his strain review.


LED grow lights runs cool and in last few weeks you can get light close to top of plants, love this led grow lights from ledhydroponics.

The following text comes from Clark:

“Appearance. Very elongated and huge bud formations. This bit (image below) is from one of those huge buds – quite dense with a very liberal covering of trichomes. Deep green leaf and a nice nearly lime green buds that have a hit of the foxtail calyx form. Loads of plumes of deep orange hairs erupt out of every calyx it looks really great.”


“Aroma. Has quite a limited palate in comparison to some other Dutch Passion strains before you break it up smells musky and earthy. Though this really changes after you grind it and a real sweet almost tropical fruit comes out in the high notes and those low earthy tones become much more pronounced.”


some final views on the smoke/vape quality:

“Effects. I like The Ultimate’s effects. It was great for smoking in sessions with my friends in social situations. Its not as effective as a CBD rich variety for my MS symptoms but I can definitely feel the difference. After medicating I can feel the pain and spasticity begin to go down and in general I feel better physically. The thing I think I liked most about the effect though is that it has a very calming feeling to it, I think that this would be a great strain for someone with anxiety as I do have problems with this from time to time and the ultimate sure feels like it would help in that situation. I haven’t had any anxiety problems for the short time I had a little of the ultimate in my life – this may be a coincidence or maybe because I was smoking it? who really knows.

Comments. Definitely a strain which I would like to try again – I’d like to keep a little then use it when I have problems with anxiety and really test how effective it is for me.”


Above and below: The blooms are heavy and long, adding up to harvests that are well above average


Thanks to Clark for the strain review/smoke review of The Ultimate.. Since The Ultimate is one of our customer favourites we also produce an automatic version, AutoUltimate, also a heavy yielder with a lemon taste.

Our next-gen HELIOS LED grow lights are based on a powerful 75W, 6 Spectrum integrated LED unit. The range extends from the twin clustered Helios PRO 2 , all the way to impressive 9-cluster Helios PRO 9 model. All models share the same Chip-On-Board core technology, representing a leap forward in LED grow light performance.

Full spectrum for all stages of growing. From seed to harvest.

Our next-gen Full spectrum HELIOS LED grow lights are based on a powerful 96W, 6 Spectrum integrated LED unit. The range extends from the twin clustered Helios PRO 2 , all the way to impressive 9-cluster Helios PRO 9 model. All models share the same Chip-On-Board core technology, representing a leap forward in LED grow light performance.

comes in red or white colour housing

Contact us by telephone

Office Tel : 0845 680 2687 & 01753780300 Mobile : 07967 109 663


led grow lights from ledhydroponics



Orange Hill Special & Photon 189 led grow lights

Orange Hill Special
Orange Hill Special is a recent traditional photoperiod variety from Dutch Passion. She was introduced following many years of requests from our customers for a new member of our ‘Orange’ family. Orange Hill is a cross of our famous 1980’s classics Orange Bud and Californian Orange and was stabilised over 6 generations of breeding. This is a really strong variety with THC levels of over 20% and a balanced indica/sativa effect. Orange Hill Special is one of our best received new photoperiod varieties, and because she is such an important variety we sell her in regular seeds as well as feminized. Regular cannabis seeds only account for 2-3% of our sales these days, meaning that we supply them as a service rather than as a business. But regular marijuana seeds are still important to many of our old-school customers and we remain committed to them.

The pictures and words in this weeks review come from Autoburry grown with Photon 189 led grow lights from ledhydroponics.

Orange Hill Special 1


Above and below, Orange Hill Special. Super strong parent genetics result in a resin rich variety with great yields.

Orange Hill Special2

Orange Hill Special.  3

Comments from the grower: “It was a superb journey with the Orange Hill Special, the average yield was 117g dry. The 109 day grow period is inclusive of 12 days flush with pure reverse osmosis (RO) water, since RO removes salts much better than tap water. The average height was 1.3 metres from soil at 109 days. The tallest in range, was 1.6m. I found the Orange Hill Special a pleasure to grow, the germination rate was 9 out of 10 within 8 days. They were very vigorous in 18/6 light, more so in 12/12”

Used Photon 189 led grow lights on full power from start of grow.

“Smoke Report: 21% THC, wow its a superb melodic, sativa-creeper cerebral, serotonin, thinkers high. The high lasts 3hrs+ before dying back to a post-steak meal satisfaction. This fills your chest cavity. The bouquet, when re-entering the room, is of the old school ‘Orange’, that Bulldog coffee shop perfume of 1990’s Amsterdam”

orange hill 4


oranghill 6





Here are some final remarks from bugger

“Its a 50% Sativa 50% Indica, with 21% THC, cured out to the max. This gives me a balanced stone. Sativa head dominance is balanced out with indica which comes through in the satisfaction with a calm psychoactive trait of the sativa lineage. This one delivers the bouquet and flavor of zesty citrus of pungent Seville Oranges, with tropicana overtones and very sticky. To smoke, its like smoking “Orange Hash”. The trichome loading, as mentioned, is thick & heavy. Some colas were still bent over even though they where supported with 10mm canes.”

“All in all, a top bit of ‘Orange’ from this Dutch dame. Orange Hill Special, and special she is, for Orange Lovers. For new growers, it is a trouble free journey to the harvest fruits. But start on medium strength nutrients, then work up to around EC 1.2-1.4 in flower. Leaf tip color change happened above 1.2 in flower, in veg no issues where found at 0.9 Ec.”



Orange Hill Special is the first new member of our original Orange family for 2 decades. She is so good we made her available in feminized and regular seeds, she comes with our highest recommendations. If you are looking for a top quality photoperiod variety with the original legendary orange-family heritage then look no further. Orange Hill Special is

Photon Pro series LED Grow lights

Photon Pro is our popular series of LED grow lights featuring super-convex lens technology. The lamp fires each LED through the super-convex lens to focus the energy and increase canopy penetration. The lamp offers 6 spectrum output LED’s for great all round performance and has the latest isolated supplies and high quality 3W LED’s.

photon 189Photon Pro 189: 567W LED Grow Light


Area Covered: 5 Feet x 5 Feet (24 Inches) 6 x 6ft (36 Inches)

Comparison: Tested PAR output & Penetration matches that of a 800W HPS

General Description: This Light has 4 Modules with Mixed Array LED’s, each Array has 21 High Quality/Output 3W LED’s

Max Power used 380 Watts (39W per Cluster Module*)

*The LEDs (3W rated) are driven at a power of 2 Watts each, this does not affect the Lumens these lights emit greatly, but prolong the efficiency & Lifespan of the LED itself.

•Free UK Delivery
•Free Hanging Kit & Power Lead


The Ultimate

The Ultimate & Super Helios 6 led grow lights

The Ultimate is one of Dutch Passions heaviest yielding photoperiod varieties on a par with varieties such as Power Plant and OutLaw.  It’s also one of the strongest and most potent varieties in our collection.  Not surprisingly it’s an established customer favourite with many repeat growers and a solid reputation amongst home growers.

heavy blooms on this baby

Above and below.  The Ultimate from Dutch Passion.  We recommend that this variety is supported to prevent the plants collapsing under the weight of their own blooms.

blooms as thick as your forearm

The Ultimate is a balanced 50% indica, 50% sativa variety.  It gives a fast hitting high thanks to the indica component.  Those that do not have a high tolerance to cannabis should note that this is a strong high which continues to climb in intensity.  Even experienced smokers have been caught out by the strength of this variety, this is definitely not a day time smoke.  It has a strong cerebral and physical effect, its a great variety for relaxing or for medical use.  The variety was discovered by Dutch Passion several years ago after we came across a unique phenotype that delivered special quality levels combined with great production, taste, aroma and resin levels.  The original parent genetics were never disclosed, partly because we wanted The Ultimate to be recognised as a variety in her own right.

Super Helios Pro 6 LED grow light

sticky buds as standard
Above and below.  Heavy Dutch Passion blooms, even on the lower branches, causing the branches to bow down as harvest approaches
branches bow down


If you want to grow your own cannabis easily then this is a variety which comes with our best recommendations.  Not only is ‘The Ultimate’ one of our best yielding varieties but it is also an easy variety to grow and produces exceptionally strong cannabis with a long lasting high.  The pictures and comments of The Ultimate this week come from LEDbud, a European home-grower who specialises in growing under LED, he uses lights from ledhydroponics.co.uk

bulging blooms


dense nuggets

Here are a few comments from LEDbud, who has also grown our AutoMazar with great results.

“This variety is fast growing for both veg and flower.  During flowering this variety initially didn’t seem too fast, but within a couple of weeks she was producing large amounts of flowers all over.  The buds kept filling out and didn’t know when to stop, this was the only time I have seen a variety behave in this way.  In the end I chopped the plants down, but I could have just left them to see how big they could have got.  However the plants were already collapsing under their own weight and I didn’t want to risk leaving them to fall over”

blooms everywhere

led grow lights from ledhydroponics

large colas on all main branches

led grow lights from ledhydroponics

LEDbud continues his description of the grow:

I been growing with LED grow lights for few years and i change fron HPS to led grow lights because HPS was getting to hot in summer months, with led grow lights i can grow even in the hot summer months.
also in last few weeks of grow i can use more led grow lights and my plants love it.

“I used  Canna Terra Vega & Flores from Canna Nutrients.  Atami Bloombastic helped maximise harvest weight.  I used Budlink Silica to help with plant growth as well as a Calcium/Magnesium supplement and Overdrive from Advanced Nutrients.  In the end I averaged over 130g per plant without any real problems or difficulty.  The buds were great looking, a combination of heavy trichome production and red hairs reminded me of some old school skunk that blew my head off in a Dutch coffeeshop back in the 90’s.”

rich resin layers
a home growers dream

LEDbud concludes with his views on the smoke quality.  “The smell is sweet and fruity, however it’s a very strong aroma in the last 4 weeks, anyone thinking of growing this variety should make sure that their carbon filter is working well.  The taste is similar to the aroma, very skunky but sweet as well.  The best part of this variety is the high – POTENT!  It’s strong and powerful in the head, watch out.  For me its an energising and creative ‘up’ buzz.  The plants were grown under 2x Super Helios 6 and 2x Photon 84 which produced uniform and dense nugs.”

final bloom shots
plant ready to collapse


The Ultimate is something of a favourite variety of ours, so we are biased, but this is a really special photoperiod variety which generates a lot of great feedback from very happy customers.  If you want to grow your own weed easily, if you want quality without compromising quality then The Ultimate is one variety which you should definitely try yourself.


grown with Photon 189 led grow lights.

Desfrán is a new pure sativa variety based on the award winning ‘Destroyer’ genetics which have been so popular in South America in recent years.  The Dutch Passion version is a specially selected cross of Destroyer x Destroyer, this is one of the most resinous varieties we have seen and will be highly appreciated by the sativa lovers.


Desfrán is a stretchy variety which may try to outgrow the space in your grow room, watch out if you have limited space, or consider growing this in a SCROG system to keep the stretch under control.  The word and pictures in this weeks blog comes from Automaster,

frosty buds like no other

Above and below, Desfrán buds showing extreme resin coverage.  Expand the images to see the full extent of the trichome production


more frosty glory

led grow lights from ledhydroponics


Automaster starts by explaining some basics about the Desfrán grow.

I grow in seedling soil with added lime-free sand perlite & vermiculite and a small amount of coco fibre to aid drainage.  My main light is Photon 189 LED grow lights..  from ledhydroponics, on average  used 350-360W of  power   I used Greenair genesis 3 part nutrients, air extraction gave 15-20 changes of air in my grow room each hour.”

“The Desfrán is truly a light feeder, by that i mean, she also drinks low volumes and does not need high nutrient levels. I watered every day discrete amounts up to 500-600ml per day. She makes the best of a small amount of nutrient, she does not need a great deal to get full bud production going. High sativa’s such as this strain are light feeders and drinkers, and the Desfrán especially so.”

“Desfrán has a wide heat tolerance – I noticed that the stoma on the leaves did not close even at 31-33c…….in fact she thrived. My ‘lights-out’ temp averaged at 21-22ºC, the same as the soil temperature. You will need to support the Desfrán with at least 4 long canes per 15 litre pot because the blooms are long and heavy.


Above and below.  The long heavy resinous blooms make Desfrán a good yielder.  Growers should note that this variety can easily reach 2 metres+ and needs a tall growroom.  Watch out for stretch.

long cola

led grow lights from ledhydroponics

Automaster adds more about the growth of Desfrán:

led grow lights from ledhydroponics

“Do not let the Desfrán sit in soil which is too wet, she will not like it because it blocks oxygen and gases getting in and out. I used ‘RootGrow’ Mychorrhizal root fungi beneficiary granules at root base, this helps healthy root formation with rhizotonic fed separately from reservoir.  The starting pH was 6.2 rising to pH 6.8 at the end of bloom.  Water was RO (reverse osmosis) which was allowed to stand for 36-48hr before use.”


Automaster has two main tips to future growers.  Use tall canes to support the long blooms and use minimum amounts of water and nutrients.

“To future growers I recommend you use 2.5m canes, I used around 10-15 ties per plant (using string) to keep it as upright as possible.  On the lower part of the plant, cut off any small branches, this redirects the energy into the main plant.  Controlling stretch is important, I tried every trick I know to control stretch, including low nitrogen in veg, and even nitrogen lower in flower. I managed to limit the stretch to the 6 to 6.8 feet (2-2.5 meters) at end of flower. 

super long blossom


long slinky blooms


surprisingly long blooms

resin and yield in one


led grow lights from ledhydroponics

Some closing remarks from the grower

I had a first smoke test after 8 day’s in air tight cure at RH 62.5%  at 8 day’s it is the strongest delta 9 I have ever had. I could not finish the first few smokes of a 0.5g joint.  As it hits the chest a delicate envelope of euphoria envelopes you, like a warm late Autumn breeze,  animated, exhilarated, elated   All whilst trying to remember to breathe……… think i put to much in the joint !!  Desfrán is everything a good sativa should be,euphoric, moving to utopia and then the CBD & Bichromenes kick in and your gone.  Great quality sleep follows with a feeling of well being in the morning. The aroma is complex to say the least, but, a cross between a super crystal hashish and a Tropicana refresher candy chew.  The deepest, fruitiest, soothing floral, thickest, richest, most intriguing, rewarding bouquet of a sativa i have yet to cultivate…………. goes into my top 5.

led grow lights from ledhydroponics


last frosty photo

Photon Pro 189: 567W LED Grow Light


Critical Jack Auto & Chronic Ryder under helios led grow lights


this grow is by ledhydroponics customer teetee.
Lights are 2 X Helios 2 & 1 x Helios 6
grand total from harvest was 19.4 ounces
Welcome to my latest grow, 3 plants in total, just as a test grow before I grow some Dutch Passion Auto strains, and then perhaps some Southern Star regulars in the New Year.

There’s a bag of buds on the table over there, knock one up, and come have a look at my set up….

I’m growing in a 1.4m x 1.4m tent with 6″ air exhaust and 4″ intake, running 24/7… no carbon filters yet.
I feed them the House and Garden Coco 2 part nutrients with the full range of H&G additives, and they have 1x Helios 6 and 2x Helios 2’s, 28″ above the plants on a 18/6 schedule.


ledhydroponics Helios led grow lights

The plants:-
2 x Critical Jack Auto – This strain by Dinafem has genetics from all sorts… Critical Mass, Jack Herer, Shiva Shunk, Northern Lights #5, O Haze and Lowryder. It is a high CDB strain, and takes 70 days from seedling to harvest. It reaches up to 2 or 3 feet high under appropriate conditions, with lots of light, warm temperature, and an aired substrate. But it doesn´t grow much if the conditions are not perfect, yet quality is always good. The quality of the final product is what makes the difference from less enhanced strains. I should look forward to hard tight buds, strong odours, completely covered with resin, and intense sweet flavour, with hints of lemon and frankincense.

1 x Chronic Ryder Auto – This is another strain from the Joint Doctor… a cross of Lowryder #2 and Chronic, taking 65 days to harvest. It can pack on a lot of weight due to its dense, prolific budding, producing very large, resinous nuggets with 12-14% THC.

I planted the seeds direct in 100% Coco each in a 22L airpot, covered them with clingfilm, and 3 days later they germinated and popped their little heads through. I gave them a 0.6EC feed and the next day 0.7.

They stayed on 0.7EC till day 6, and on day 7, I upped the EC to 0.8, which they stayed on until day 9. Today on day 10, I have increased the EC to 0.9.

As well as the H&G Coco nutes. they are getting the following H&G additives….

Drip Clean 0.1ml/L
Roots Excelurator 0.2ml/L
Amino Treatment 0.1ml/L
Nitrogen 27% Boost 0.1ml/L



Helios led grow lights

….plus they get a little CalMag (I use 0.1ml/L as an additional buffer in my 0.2EC tap water), and I use Silicon as a pH up. The plants also receive silicon from the Amino Extract, and I understand the Coco is enhanced with CalMag as well as being buffered.

I hand water them 0.5L pH 5.8, 3-4 times a day to get a semi-hydroponic effect, and they seem to be lapping it up…
I chopped the Chronic Ryder on he 30th Dec, but I was taking buds off from her from 26th Dec. The decarboxylation worked great… I know it’s a sin to use buds before proper drying and curing, but we just cannot score very easily at the moment, and the smoke is good, so why not? Both strains are good, but I mainly stole from the Chronic Ryder, simply because she had been flushing for longer. No cracking, no choking my guts up… nice and smooth! Looking at the trichs with a USB microscope is easy, and I saw all trichomes had gone proper milky. I didn’t see many ambers, but I realise this is a strain specific finding, and I believe a lot of other growers’ ‘amber’ trichs are actually brown trichs that show the THC is degrading. Very milky is good for me, and the curing process will make the most of the cannabinoids. Already she’s a strong, clean smoke, but when cured…. mmmm I can’t wait!


Helios led grow lights


Lights are 2 x Helios 2 & 1 Helios 6 FROM LEDHYDROPONICS
I like to manicure my buds when wet, so I remove all leaves, keeping the trich laden sweetleaf aside for making either cannabutter or bubblehash…. that’s all bagged and in the freezer…. waiting for the landlord to piss off so we can get cooking one night soon.

The buds were sorted according to size and brown paper bagged for 6-7 days until they reach a stable RH of 65%. Towards the end of the 6-7 days, I put them in glass jars for a few hours, to even out the humidity within the buds, and then brown paper bagging them if the RH rose from 65 to say 70ish. Slowly but surely I get them to 65% stable, checking with a Caliber III cigar hygrometer, and ‘burping’ the bags or jars one or two times a day.

Once at stable 65%, I put the buds in some Violet glass screw top jars, with a Boveda 62 humidipak added to bring the RH down to 62% and leave them for a further 2 weeks to cure.

The Chronic Ryder is almost at the curing stage, most bags are stable at 65%, one or two are still a few days away. Dry weight is 100.5g, and I estimate we smoke around an ounce a week (approx 28g), and we’ve been smoking her for a week and a half so lets say the total dry weight was around a conservative 140g… just under 5 ounces! I’m well stoked.

led grow lights from ledhydroponics

The Critical Jack 2 had a massive harvest, so I decided to keep the large buds and cola intact and hang them upside down in a cardboard box to slow the initial drying process down a little. I have about 30 big tops drying this way, and about 10 brown paper bags with manicured buds in them. The buds are really hashy and sticky.


blackjack auto & Photon 84 led grow lights from ledhydroponics

blackjack auto Hi all, I’d like to share with you all this fantastic Auto Grow one of my test growers had completed with this fantastic LED from LEDHydroponics, Heres the LED used; Photon Pro 84 http://www.ledhydroponics.co.uk/photonpro84.html And now for the setup; 50x50x180 cm Stealth Drobe Large Diamond Point Mylar Interior Seedling in 1L Airpot first Then moved into 20 L Airpot BioBizz Medium Mix Soil BioBizz Grow & Bloom Feeds 1 Ml of BioBizz Grow per Litre of Water was used throughout the grow Bloom was adjusted according to the BioBizz Feeding chart throughout the grow. Seed : Black Jack Automatic from Sweet Seeds This was run under a 20/4 Schedule. Chopping her on Day 77. Main reason for chopping her at this stage is Over 90% of Trichomes are now Milky, as I wanted to get the THC at peak levels & hardly any CBN CBD will remain at constant levels through-out plant degradation but THC will degrade into CBN, which will taint the effects of true CBD. All in all, 145 Gr Dry. (with the popcorn aswell) Not bad for a little cab grow. Wicked little light aswell love this lights from ledhydroponics. My test grower had no problems whatsoever with it. Fans kept nice and quiet throughout. Unit kept nice and cool in that small area.









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