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Budbooster 450 | LED Grow Light

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Budbooster 450 | LED Grow Light

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Budbooster 450 : 6 cluster , 450 LED's


Budbooster series LED Grow lights


Full spectrum for all stages of growing. From seed to harvest.

The BudBooster 450 is based on the same single 3W diodes that QuantumLED pioneered for use in growlights. Despite being one of the most replicated designs around, our latest revision is second to none in providing excellent results especially in flowering stages.            

The unit features isolated modular power supplies and provides deep penetration using 6 clusters x 15 x 3w Bridglux(USA) LED's in each cluster.  These LEDs provide a very high intensity, penetrating and effective light. .


Budbooster : 450 LED Grow Light

Dimensions :  40cm Length x 28.5cm Width x 8.5cm Depth

Weight : 4.8Kg

Area Covered: 0.5 sqm at 1m height, 1sqm at 1.5m height

Comparison:Tested PAR output & Penetration matches that of a 400W+ HPS

General Description:This Light has 6 Modules with Mixed Array LED’s, each Array has 15 High Quality/Output 3W LED’s

  Max Power used 220 Watts

*The LEDs (3W rated) are driven at a power of 2 Watts each, this does not affect the Lumens these lights emit greatly, but does prolong the efficiency & Lifespan of the LED itself.


  • Free UK Delivery 
  • Free Hanging Kit & Power Lead From a UK based Company - no long waits for units/parts or repairs
  • Instant Communication at all times.


Budbooster  : high-performance and cost-effective LED Grow Lighting


We use high quality Bridglux LED's from USA.

You'll find replica units on the net using cheaper far eastern LED's like Epistar - dont be fooled since they look exactly the same.

Quantum LED ltd pioneered the use of true single diode 3 watt LEDs in grow lighting. It is the most copied LED grow light on the market, but competitors can't duplicate the blend with more red for flowering as implied in the name. Our 3W Bridgleux LED's teamed with isolated supplies and good cooling provide both great results and long term reliability.

For peace of mind your purchase is covered by our 5 year warranty. We service and repair ourselves in the UK so you'll have a fast turnaround on warranty cases or repairs should you have any issues. 


Power consumption and running costs

Based on our same example of a 90 day grow cycle, the table below shows how the Budbooster 450 stacks up in running costs. We've compared to standard lighting so the savings are clear


Product Specifications
LED Type : Bridgelux 3W High power LED's
LED Wavelengths (Red): 630nm, 660nm
LED Wavelengths (Blue): 430, 460nm
LED Wavelengths (IR) 730nm
LED Wavelengths (UV):  
White LED's : Daylight White
Luminous Flux: L Lumens
LED Beam Angle: 90 & 120 degree blend
Number of LED's: 90
LED Lifetime : 50'000 hours (7yrs+ lifetime)
Input Voltage: AC 100-260V
Input Current: 1.33A
Power Consumption: 220W
Equivalent performance: HPS(HID)  400+ Watts
Recommended clearance: 30 to 60cm above plant canopy

Growing area:

1 - 1.2 square meters
Size: 400mm x 285mm x 85mm
Material : PNMA , Aluminium Alloy
Net Weight: 4.8KG

So how long can this lamp last, really ?
We did the maths for you for a typical 1 month growing cycle with the lamp used 18hrs per day 
followed by a 2 month flowering cycle with the lamp used 12 hours per day

Assuming the lighting will be used all year round, these LED grow lights can be effective for 10 years+  !


Technology Highlights


  • 3W BridgeLux LED's for excellent canopy penetration
  • Powerful LED's replace 400W standard HPS(HID) lighting
  • Powerful enough for all phases of growth
  • LED lifetime of 50 thousand hours!
  • Thermal monitoring and safety cut-out in case of high ambient temperatures
  • Low heat emissions - eliminate ducting and exhaust fans, lower thermal footprint
  • Dual ball bearing internal cooling fans for high reliability
  • No setup required- plug'n'play
  • Covers 0.5 to 1 square meters intensely - placed 30 to 60cm above plants



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Additional Information

Additional Information

LED-Watts No
LED Type 6 clusters x 45W LED's
Consumption 240W
HPS (HID) Watts Equivalent 400W++
Hi-Yield Coverage 1sqm
Maximum Coverage 1.4sqm
length 43cm
width 28.5cm
height 8.5cm

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